What We Do

Women often play an important rolein their communities, so we design solutions that empower them to help others in their villages access the formal financial system and bypass systemic challenges.

Who is a Grameen Mittra, and why is she important?

We call these women Grameen Mittras or friends of the village. Equipped with smartphones and our apps, they become agents of change, the last-mile workers who take savings, loans and government services to those who had been left out. The Mittras also provide women with subsidized health and hygiene products.

We select the Mittras from poor rural backgrounds and train them to become social entrepreneurs. The Mittras learn new skills, earn money to become financially independent and become better leaders.

A Grameen Mittra can start her business with as little as Rs 10,000 ($147), an Android phone and a biometric device. Mittras are also hooked up to the Grameen Mittra Connect (GMC) app, which integrates financial and non-financial services delivery.

By giving fellow villagers better access to credit and other financial services, Grameen Mittrashelp them improve their livel hood and provide for the future.

Women prefer self-employment as it gives them flexible working hours. Our Mittra appreciates the prestige and social status that comes to them by becoming a “banker to the village”.

The Grameen Mittra model leverages technology in three key ways:

Why does this model work?

Our Mittras give marginalized, low-income people access to essential products and services, which takes the nation closer to its goal of greater financial and economic inclusion. These people don’t have to waste time and money looking for services they need-some times they hadn’t even known that these products exist!

As the Mittras work, we generate valuable data about beneficiaries to customize products and services for a greater impact.