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Arabdha Das
Associate Director-Business Planning & Financial Linkage

20+ years, Ex-Bandhan, Ex- Basix Group, Ex Care India

Arabdha is a post-graduate in rural management with 22 years of professional experience in private, public and civil society organizations.

He has worked in organizations such as International Development Enterprises (India), Care India, Access Development Services, Maple OrgTech (India), Bandhan, BASIX Group and Village Financial Services.

He has developed supply chain management for low-cost high-value technologies in the remotest village in eastern India for IDEI and created a policy and advocacy platform for a highly successful project in Care India. Arabdha has helped two departments of the West Bengal government get aligned with Access Development Services to reach out to the poorest of the poor. Arabdha has helped Maple OrgTech turn around by right-sizing its human resource, systems and processes. Working at Bandhan before it became a bank, Arabdha developed a branding blueprint for it and also created a niche business unit called Nakshi. BASIX deputed Arabdha to the Union government’s ministry of agriculture and cooperation.

Arabdha is a go-getter, good in networking and operations management, and has excellent public relations skills. Among other things, he can get a billboard painted or a website designed or a house magazine edited and printed, or fix issues at a branch office, all at short notice. Above all, he has the rarest of qualities: Common Sense.