Financial Services

Our Grameen Mittras earn money by serving their communities with a clutch of services. Typically, Grameen Mittras are women in the 18-35 age group who strongly desire to do something meaningful for themselves and their community. Women who become Grameen Mittras see it as a victory against gender stereotypes that keep women out of the workforce, and also as an opportunity to become financially independent and so strengthen their self-image.

Financial services to the community, include:

Withdrawals using Aadhaar-enabled payment systems

Direct money


Digital transactions such as money withdrawal or deposit

Mobile & DTH

Information on Government
loans & schemes

Information & services
on lending

These products and services are curated for the target communities based on our deep-data research.

Non-financial services

Non-financial services such as access to agri-products, solar power products, sanitation and menstrual hygiene products, upskilling and informal job placements, have also been added to their bouquet of services.

Our solutions and services build local capacity, track outcomes and improve health access, enabling women and families to thrive.