Our Diverse Digital Platforms

The Grameen Learning Platform (G-LEAP) is our award-winning smartphone application used by Mittras to access learning material on the go. We structure G-LEAP training into courses and modules with video explanations, scenario-based formative assessments, job aids and summative assessments – all with well-defined learning outcomes. Grameen Mittrasare keen on up-skilling, and we keep them abreast of the latest offerings and trends. We have witnessed our Mittras evolve into community champions who not only keep learning but help their communities with their knowledge.

We have also developed and piloted Grameen Guru, a smart phone-based multi-lingual chatbot that leverages AR technology to help clients who can’t read or understand written materials. A Grameen Mittra points her smartphone at a brochure that details financing options. A Guru virtual assistant pops up and prompt a conversation in the local language to explain the material. The intuitive interface helps immensely in engaging customers.

Our team developed Emotional Analytics for Social Enterprises (EASE), an AI-based web and mobile app that helps microfinance advisors gain real-time insights into their clients’ emotional and cognitive status, based on video and audio inputs. The tool provides insights on topics or key-words that attract attention or cause clients to disengage. For instance, the tool can help detect if a woman applying for a loan is being pressured to do so by someone else making it an unnecessary burden, or whether she really needs it herself.